Top tips for insulating your home

by | May 25, 2017 | Cavity Wall Insulation, Insulation Advice, Loft Insulation, News

Top tips for insulating your home

Winter chill in the is biting and if you’re worried about your energy bill rising during the winter months insulating your home could be a step to cutting them down. The UK’s set for a cold winter this year, with storms and snow already seen across the country and many will be tempted to turn their heating up to keep the cold out of home while they get cosy and watch their favourite TV shows, catch up with friends and family or simply relax but with some added insulation you could avoid the extra heating costs.

Insulate your loft space – If you haven’t already, insulating your loft space could save you a significant amount on your energy bill. Heat rises and homes can lose up to a quarter of the heat produced through their roof. Adding insulation to the loft space can make sure your home stays warmer throughout the year. While it does require an additional cost, it can last for decades and over that time will pay for itself many times over.

Consider wall insulation – Another quarter of your home’s heat is lost through the walls and floor. Insulation can be added to your walls, whether you have cavity or solid walls in your home. While it can save money it’s vital to pick an installer that understands whether your home is suitable and adheres to best practices, otherwise you could face costly and time-consuming measures to rectify issues such as damp and cracked walls. Contact us for more info Here

Think about your radiators – Radiator reflector panels are simply fixed behind radiators and will reflect heat from the radiator back into the room, ensuring you feel the benefit as much as possible. It’s a relatively low cost option that homes with uninsulated walls can particularly benefit from.

Invest in windows – Plenty of heat can escape out of your windows even when they’re shut, especially if they are single-glazed. Double or triple-glazing can make a big impact and if you choose windows with an insulation material between the glass and a seal around the trim it will be even more beneficial. Investing in your windows could mean saving in the long-term.

Use you curtains and blinds – While the type of windows you choose have an impact so to do your curtains and blinds. Throughout the day open them up and let the sunlight in before shutting them during the evening to cut the amount of heat leaking out. Thicker curtains or curtains that are lined can give this method a further boost.

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