Surveys & Inspections

Surveys & inspections

As a responsible cavity wall insulation company, we understand that you always want to attain the highest quality of service. This is why we came up with the solution of providing you with the best insulation surveyors that will conduct the series of necessary surveys and inspections on your home.

We assure you that we have professional, knowledgeable and well-experienced insulation surveyors that can work with you in the best possible way. We can assure you that you are dealing with a reputable company that is fully accredited and authorised to conduct such surveys and inspections for you.

In today’s digital generation, we are using state of the art technologies and facilities to make for comprehensive assesment.

These are divided into categories:

  • Insulation Inspection
  • Thermal Imaging Survey
  • Energy Performance Assessments
  • BBA CASS Assessment (requirement prior to CWI install)
  • Damp SurveyFor some situations there are a range of inspections that can be undertaken with only minimal time and with minimal equipment; a summary of which follows (if you have any questions about these methods, or whether they would be suited to your situation, simply get in touch – we’re always on hand to answer any question that you may have).


Borescope inspections can provide for a window into your cavity wall by way of a small drilled hole, and a camera rod inserted into the wall. We use this method for a number of reasons, including confirming the presence of CWI, exploring the condition of CWI and investigating the wall within the space. Following this service we can explain our findings, show you the images that we’ve taken and complete the process by adding appropriate mortar to fill the hole in again.

Thermal surveys

Working alongside our tried, tested and trusted thermal imaging company we can gain a full understanding of how energy efficient a home (and its cavity walls) are; to do this Thermal photographer use sophisticated, state of the art equipment which takes pictures of the property to highlight the various temperatures. What we’re looking for here are known as ‘hot & cold spots’ and we’ll specifically be checking to see whether the thermal images on the outside of the property can be observed in the same patter within the property. Often this serves as an initial inspection prior to undertaking a Borescope survey.

Damp Survey

Moisture and Damp meters can help provide an understanding of where there may be emerging damp issues, and how severe they may be. However, rather than measuring the moisture within an area specifically, they instead measure electrical conductance. This fact is an important one as many home owners use DIY store brought damp meters and are confused as to why certain areas are flagging up with high readings. In reality areas such as wallpaper are particularly ‘hygroscopic’ (which means that they effectively suck up moisture from the atmosphere); similarly timber can often be an area for confusion, as moisture and damp meters require collaborating to take a true-to-life measurement of such materials.

With so much room for confusion, and to truly get a full understanding of potential damp and moisture issues, such an inspection is best left to the professionals.

Brick removal

There are certain circumstances where the less intrusive of methods simply won’t relay the complete picture, and in some instances we may need to remove bricks to view first-hand the state of your cavity wall insulation. This is a last resort, as it voids any guarantee that you may have upon your insulation. Any CWI practitioner considering this method should always consult you in full before forging on ahead and beginning to remove bricks.

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