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One of the simplest but effective ways you can make properties more efficient is through installing loft insulation. A lot of heat that’s generated in homes is lost through the walls and roof, adding a layer of insulation can save thousands when it comes to energy bills and reduce carbon footprints, more than returning the initial investment in the long run.
Whether you would like to benefit from loft insulation in your own home or you manage a portfolio of properties and want to increase their energy efficiency, we can help you. Our professional, experienced team of loft insulation installers can assess your property and install the right insulation for you, you’ll notice the results immediately.

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Why install loft insulation?

For homeowners, the benefits of installing loft insulation is obvious. It will have a significant impact on the amount of energy you need to use, cutting your heating bills throughout the year. It’s a simple way to maintain your home and comfort throughout the winter months, while still cutting your typical bill. For the environmentally conscious homeowner, loft insulation means your property will be responsible for producing less carbon.

From the perspective of landlords, housing associations, house builders, and other organisations, loft insulation improves the energy performance of a home. With minimum standards now in place, taking cost-effective steps that have a big impact art crucial. Loft insulation can also act as a selling point when you’re trying to attract sellers or tenants who will be keen to see their bills reduced.

Focussed on efficient, professional customer service

Loft insulation is a relatively quick energy efficient measure to take and our experienced team will complete your work efficiently. When you come to us, you know that a professional team that’s carried out numerous loft insulations in a variety of properties. You’ll have no need to worry about work that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

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How much does loft insulation cost?

We only charge you for the services that you need. Our quotes are based on the size of the space that needs insulating, ensuring you receive value for your money no matter how small or large the property is. Following an inspection, we offer you clear, transparent prices, so you can rest assured that there aren’t any hidden fees that emerge only after the work has been completed.

We’re also able to undertake work that has been subsidised with a government grant, aimed at helping homeowners improve their energy efficiency. Grants can cover all or part of the cost of loft insulation, if you want to learn more, our team’s on hand to offer advice.

If you want to start benefitting from loft insulation, contact our team to receive a quote today.

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Some questions you might have

Here at Extract Insulation, we know that deciding to undertake work on your property is a complex one. We regularly handle queries from a range of customers, including these frequently asked questions.

How is loft insulation installed?
Loft insulation involves installing by rolling out thick insulation material across the base of your loft. It’s cut around the shape of your space and is also fitted around pipes, cables, loft hatch etc that many be present, to ensure maximum results.
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If you want to discuss one of the services we offer or would like to arrange an inspection, you can speak to our expert team today. 

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