Loft insulation removal

Loft insulation removal

While loft insulation can provide energy efficient benefits, when it’s installed incorrectly or becomes damaged it can cause problems. Loft insulation that becomes damp, for example, can lead to damp homes and mould within properties. If left unchecked, loft insulation that needs removing can even affect the structural integrity of the home and potentially lead to costly repairs.


Whether you simply need loft insulation temporarily removing so tradespeople can gain better access or you need loft insulation taken out due to damage, we can provide you with exactly what you need. 


Why would loft insulation need replacing?  


Loft insulation that’s suitable for your property and has been installed property should last for over 40 years. But that’s not always the case. There are numerous reasons why your loft insulation may not be performing as it should, including:


  • The material has become damaged over time. Loft insulation that was laid many years ago does need replacing, especially if long-lasting materials were not used initially. Materials naturally degrade but by replacing them you can start to the reap the benefits again and it does pay for itself over time.
  • Insulation wasn’t installed correctly initially. Badly fitting or loose insulation means that heat is still allowed to escape through your roof. While it can help reduce bills, you’re not fully benefitting from the investment that you’ve made.
  • Damage has led to the material absorbing water. Wet insulation can lead to damp spreading throughout the house and cause other problems within properties. 
  • The insulation has become damaged during repair work. Work taking place in your loft can mean that the insulation becomes damaged if it isn’t removed first, meaning it’ll deteriorate and allow heat to escape quicker. This can also occur when you lay new insulation over the top of old material, hiding existing damage. 


Alternatively, you might just need your loft insulation removing for a short-space of time, allowing for work to be carried out within your loft space. If that’s the case, we can still help you and reinstall the insulation once the work has been completed. 


Offering you a complete service 


Our professional, experienced team offer you a complete service. Our goal is to make your loft insulation removal as hassle free as possible for you. From clearing your loft to allow work to begin right through to laying new, high quality insulation, we can tailor our service to match your needs.


To complement the insulation removal fitting we can also offer woodworm treatment, walkways and storage fitting, water tank and pipe insulation, and other services so you don’t have to worry about finding more than one team of experts to complete your job. 

Worried about the insulation that’s currently in your loft? Get in touch to arrange an inspection. 


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