Cavity wall insulation removal

Cavity wall insulation removal

Cavity wall insulation can provide you with an effective way to reduce how much you spend on heating but it doesn’t always work. Where the insulation material has been poorly chosen, the insulation hasn’t been installed properly, or property damage has occurred, insulation may need to be removed. 

Insulation that is no longer working optimally means that you’re not getting the benefits that you’ve invested in. However, the damage that poor insulation can cause can actually be far worse. When insulation absorbs water, it can lead to damp and mould in homes and if left unchecked result in structural damage to the property too. 

It’s an issue we’ve been tackling for over 20 years and as a result, we’ve become experts in the area. Our expert teams can effectively and quickly remove the inappropriate cavity wall insulation and offer the advice you need to remedy any further issues you may experience. 

Why does cavity wall insulation need to be removed?  

There are numerous reasons why cavity wall insulations fail and its often association with the insulation becoming damp. Your cavity wall insulation may need removing if: 

  • There are voids within the cavity that aren’t filled with insulation
  • The density of insulation was not correct when installing
  • The cavity wasn’t professionally cleared before installation
  • The material has soaked up and is retaining water
  • Your property wasn’t suitable for cavity wall insulation 
  • The insulation material is not long-lasting and has become worn
  • Damage has occurred to the walls of the property

Using the right materials and adhering to professional standards significantly reduces the need for cavity wall installation to be removed. But where it does become necessary, Extract Insulations has a wealth of experience tackling the problem. 

How does Extract Insulation remove cavity wall insulation? 

We use industry leading equipment and technology to safely and efficiently remove your cavity wall insulation without causing any further damage. Our highly qualified teams are trained to follow best practices to ensure their work is always completed to a high standard.  

Delivering continued support 

If you need additional advice after you’ve planned your cavity wall insulation removal, the team Extract Insulation can still help you. Whether you want advice on how to tackle the damp that poor insulation has caused or you want to understand how our services can provide quality cavity wall insulation that won’t fail, you can contact out team.  

If you have concerns about your existing cavity wall insulation, our professional team are on hand to offer advice now. 

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