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The services we offer at Extract Insulation are designed to give you a single place to access all the expertise and skills you need when it comes to insulation. Our ethos means you can rest assured that whichever of our services you need, the result will be work of the highest quality.

Our core offerings focus on cavity and loft insulation and insulation removal, but we can also offer a range of other support services, such as inspections and expert advice. If you’ve got any queries about the work that our team can deliver, you can contact us today.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation can cut your heating bills by over 50% by reducing the amount of heat that is lost. We offer long-lasting insulation that you know you can rely on. Using premium, innovative bead insulation combined with industry leading technology, we provide cavity wall insulation solutions that are guaranteed. Our team are well qualified and draw on years of experience, allowing them to offer you the best advice for each of your properties.

Loft Insulation

Cut the amount you’re spending on your heating bills by insulating your loft, it’s a simple solution that’s cost-effective and delivers real results. We’ve got the accreditations and reputation to ensure you have peace of mind when you work with us. We’re a leading a company that’s worked with homeowners, house builders, and housing associations to improve how energy efficient properties are.

Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

When cavity wall insulation is installed incorrectly or the right materials are not used for the proper, it reduces how effective the insulation is. However, the potential problems it can cause go beyond that. Properties that have inappropriate insulation can experience damp walls, mould, and structural damage. We offer an efficient, effective service for removing the insulation that’s causing issues, as well as providing recommendations on what your next steps should be.

Loft insulation Removal

Whether your loft insulation needs removing after it was improperly installed or workmen need it out of the way while they conduct maintenance, we can help. From simple removals to those where damage has been caused, our professional teams will deal with your loft insulation removal quickly and effectively. If issues have arisen, such as damp or water penetration we’re also on hand to offer advice on how to proceed.

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If you want to discuss one of the services we offer or would like to arrange an inspection, you can speak to our expert team today. 

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