We get asked “can I remove cavity wall insulation myself?” The short answer is you can try! But when you take in to account the insulation equipment required to remove the insulation, then to inspect the cavity to ensure it is clear and extracted properly, it can soon become more cost effective to employ an insulation removal contractor who has experience in the trade.

Although you can purchase all of the equipment to do it yourself, you can’t buy the experience. If the cavity wall insulation is not removed adequately, it could still cause cavity wall insulation problems in the future.

We at Extract Insulation have a vast array of experience on all different types of properties, from standard construction, to steel framed and timber framed properties all themselves have their own different challenges, especially with different materials that are used; Rockwool,fibre, foam and beads.

Let’s take a look at the costs for D.I.Y cavity wall insulation removal:

Insulation Vacuum

  • Dust extractor – £250 – £300
  • Bags for extractor – £50
  • Hoses for extractor – £50

Hire Equipment

  • Compressor & hoses hire – £80 – £150
  • Drill hire – £50
  • Ladder – £25


  • Make nozzles & whip – £45
  • Sand & cement £10
  • Drill bit and chisel – £30
  • Fuel – £50
  • Side camera view boroscope – £300

Rubbish Disposal – £100

This totals over £1,000. This doesn’t include your time.

Depending on the insulation type that is being removed, a dust extractor simply may not be powerful enough for the job and may not be a cheap option either.

Please be aware that urea formaldehyde foam insulation is certainly not easy to remove, and does  involve a lot of preparation work.

Let’s look at costs for a Cavity Wall Extraction Contractor:

Standard properties that are not timber framed or steel framed:

  • £14 – £16 per square meter for fibre and this includes removal of loose rubble.
  • £20 – £23 per square meter for fibre and this includes removal of loose rubble.

*subject to VAT.

*Loose rubble is included, but other types of rubble may be charged, you can appoint a local builder to clear it if you prefer.

An average 3 bed semi property is 90m2 will cost approximately £1,500 for fibre removal or £2,100 for foam removal.



The extraction equipment I have mentioned is not the best, but can work for a D.I.Y enthusiast who is still committed to trying to remove their wall insulation. But, like I mentioned previously, it is the experience in insulation removal which is more valuable than the equipment you buy to use.


We have been in the trade for over 20 years, and every day is a school day.

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