Who should regulate the cavity wall insulation removal industry?

by | Nov 16, 2016 | News

Who should regulate the cavity wall insulation removal industry?

Cavity wall insulation was once seen as one of the best ways to insulate the home. However as time has gone on, thousands of people have experienced problems with their insulation due it not being installed correctly. As a result, these people have had to call on experts to remove this problematic insulation and prevent further damage due to damp. Although every care is taken to undertake this as quickly as possible and by causing the least amount of damage, it can result in a lot of mess for homeowners.

At present, the CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) regulates the insulation installation industry. But should this be the case? After all, is it right for the organisation that regulates the industry to be the ones to be seen as the gold standard for workers?


The CIGA is a wholly independent body that provides a 25 year guarantee for all cavity wall insulation that is fitted by registered installers within the UK and Channel Islands. All members of the CIGA are assessed to ensure they can proficiently install cavity wall insulation to minimise the risk of it not working. The whole process includes following rigorous technical guidance, as well as the CIGA best practice guidelines. The agency has a long history of working within the industry so knows the ins and outs of how the process works, as well as any issues that may crop up. The CIGA has been regulating the industry for many years, so has a wealth of experience. And as an impartial body, it is dedicated to improving standards for the good of the sector.

What about the NIA?

The NIA (National Insulation Association) again is independent and represents the insulation industry in the United Kingdom. Members include a number of installers and manufacturers who provide a wide range of insulation solutions for homes. The organisation, and its members, are fully committed to maintaining and raising standards within the insulation industry by ensuring customers have ‘peace of mind’ when it comes to their homes. The NIA has a code of professional practice that members agree to follow in order to ensure that customers receive the highest possible level of customer service at all times. As an independent body, the association has no personal interest or gain so would help the industry to grow in all the right areas.

Would the BBA be a better choice?

The BBA is committed to helping businesses and organisations alike supply the construction industry with high-quality products, systems and installers in order to make sure that all work is carried out and finished to the highest possible standard. The company has been active in the industry since its launch in 1966, and has developed rigorous testing and inspection to support manufacturers and installers achieve excellence. And has also developed certifications in order to provide reassurance throughout the industry. A not-for-profit organisation, the company again is impartial so would be a good choice in order to cement the future of the industry.

Whether the industry would be better regulated by a different body is entirely dependent on your viewpoint. The main argument for a change has been due to the issues people are facing, and this has caused people to question whether the same people who regulate the install side should regulate the removal industry too.

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