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We aim to provide the best and most transparent service for our clients and customers, and offering free surveys puts us under obligation from a business point of view to try and sell our services.

Why do we charge for an insulation survey;

Today we visited a property in Guildford, this was for the installation of cavity wall insulation as the owner understandably wanted to save money on his heating bills.

We advised the customer that there is a charge beforehand for this service, as we need to do a BBA CASS assessment to check for suitability.

The occupier already had 2 previous quotes from insulation companies, and the quotes were quite high, and he was advised he could get it cheaper.

After checking the structure of the property; making sure it was not timber or steel framed, the condition of the guttering, masonry and damp course levels etc, it was time to check the cavity…….

We used the same test hole as the previous surveyors, and instantly I could see detritus within the cavity space (see pictures) I could also feel a slight resistance from the inner leaf, which indicated a partial fill cavity.

With a partial fill cavity we are required to test 3 holes per elevation, in these I found more rubble, along with dislodged polystyrene boards, that were fitted when built.

We wouldn’t issue him with a quote.

The customer was somewhat confused as to why we charged X amount for a survey, but then we wouldn’t issue a quotation.

Yet “The other 2 companies never mentioned the rubble or partial fill?”

The property doesn’t meet the requirements for any system designer, BBA CASS or CIGA’s best guide to practice.

You pay for a survey, not a salesman.


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