Loft Insulation Removal: The Process Explained

loft insulation removal

Loft Insulation Removal: The Process Explained

Loft insulation can provide a fantastic addition to any home. Although it may not be the most glamourous form of home improvement, it can have a dramatic impact upon your finances. There are often grants available to home owners seeking to install loft insulation and estimates suggest that the typical payback period on loft insulation is less than five years. Read more


Is it damp?

Damp cavity wall insulation

Do I have damp?

Unfortunately, damp may be a common downside for several homes within the Britain. Not solely will it look unpleasant and ruin many years price of diligence maintenance and decorating the property, it are often dangerous for your health within the future and might even cause structural harm. So, it’s necessary to see what style of damp you have got so as to treat it. Read more

Why would you ever want to remove loft insulation?

loft insulation

Why would you ever want to remove loft insulation?

Loft insulation is generally being seen as a positive within any residential or commercial property. The general idea behind the installation of insulating materials in the loft is that they can significantly reduce heat loss.

The consumer group, Which?, have suggested that loft insulation can save home owners around £240 per year, repaying the investment within a matter of a few years. It seems clear, therefore, that this is something that is good for your pocket and good for the environment. Read more