Could you make a compensation claim after cavity wall insulation?

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Cavity Wall Insulation, Insulation Advice

Could you make a compensation claim after cavity wall insulation?

Saving money on energy bills is one of the biggest reasons many homeowners choose to have cavity wall insulation installed. But, when it goes wrong not only does it mean you don’t get the benefits, it could also leave you out of pocket too. If your cavity wall insulation does fail it can mean forking out a lot of money to tackle damp problems. If left for a long time, it could have even more serious consequences for your home. However, compensation schemes could help those affected.

It’s thought that millions of UK homeowners have been affected by failed cavity wall insulation and, to reflect the growing need, solicitor firms are increasingly offering a solution. Some firms are now offering no win, no fee services, similar to those routinely seen for personal accident claims. The new service means claiming compensation against those responsible for the damage done to the house could now become easier and means homeowners won’t have to pay to have the insulation removed with no way to recover the costs.

If you’re one of the homeowners that are now noticing the signs of damp, condensation or another effect for poor cavity wall insulation, seeking legal action could help you. While not every case will be entitled to compensation, there are many reasons that could mean you have a potential claim.

  • Poor suitability assessments – Not every home is suitable for cavity wall insulation. There have been instances where companies have recommended the work even when they shouldn’t. In these cases, you have grounds for a complaint due to being misled.
  • Wrong material choice – The material used to fill the cavity should vary depending on each building and its location. But if a range of factors haven’t been considered it can lead to the wrong material being selected and further problems accumulating down the line.
  • Shoddy workmanship – Poor workmanship and installation practices can lead to a range of problems for homeowners and the need to have the insulation removed at a later date.
  • Failure to adhere to regulation – There are regulations in place to ensure the quality of work for cavity wall insulation and a firm’s failure to adhere to these could support your compensation claim.

Depending on your circumstances you may also be protected under a Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) guarantee. If you qualify for this protection, the materials and workmanship is covered for 25 years, even if the property is sold.

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