Loft Insulation Removal: The Process Explained

Loft insulation can provide a fantastic addition to any home. Although it may not be the most glamourous form of home improvement, it can have a dramatic impact upon your finances. There are often grants available to home owners seeking to install loft insulation and estimates suggest that the typical payback period on loft insulation is less than five years.

Protecting your home against the loss of heat is a great way of saving money, while also protecting the planet. All of which may lead us on to the rather obvious question: if loft insulation is so great, then why would anyone ever wish to remove it?

This is an excellent question and the reality is that removal of insulation is usually a last resort. In most cases, loft insulation lasts for many years, meaning that it should never need to be removed. Building standards and regulations change over time, of course, but this often means simply that you can add to existing insulation to meet those standards, rather than having to replace what you have.

There are some circumstances, however, where removal of loft insulation becomes an absolute necessity. One such situation that we’ve seen time and again is where a pest infestation has done irretrievable damage to the insulation that is already in place. It’s incredibly to witness the harm that can be done by mice, wasps, bees and other unwanted visitors within your home.

The presence of water, leading to damp insulating materials, is another key cause of having to replace loft insulation. Even once those materials have dried out, it will usually be the case that the effectiveness of the insulation will be greatly reduced, leading to the need for replacement.

Whatever the issues that you are facing, we are able to help. We have a tried and tested process that delivers results for our customers.

The survey

We always begin with a site survey, which enables us to establish a few key elements of the approach. In the first instance, we will look at whether the insulation does need to be removed, since this won’t always be the best approach.

If we believe that removal is the best option, then we’ll consider how to carry out the job, ensuring the minimum level of work for the home owner.

Removing insulating materials

The actual removal process varies slightly from one job to the next, largely dependent upon the type of insulation that’s currently in place. What is consistent, however, is that our fully trained team members place safety and efficiency at the top of their list of priorities.

Disposing of waste

Typically, the job of removing insulation will lead to a lot of waste being created. As you would expect, we take that waste away and dispose of it in the appropriate manner. Once again, safety is a key concern, together with the need to act in an environmentally-friendly manner.


Removing the loft insulation costs around £500 for your average semi house.

We also offer replacement loft insulation services and boarding to make good use of your attic space.

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