Local authorities, housing associations, and build contractors 

Here at Extract Insulation we work a variety of organisations to deliver insulation services across the whole of their property portfolio. Whether you’re involved in building new properties to meet housing demand or need existing homes retrofitting to improve standards throughout your stock, our team guarantees to deliver a professional service that you know you can rely on.

Our services can be adapted to suit the needs of local authorities, housing associations, build contractors, and other property organisations, giving you control and flexibility.

Why should you be considering insulation? 

There are many reasons why housing organisations should be considering insulation across the whole of their portfolio, whether they’re new builds or older properties.

Firstly, it’s now a legal obligation for rented properties to have at least an EPC rating of E. That means properties need to consider measures that help homeowners to reduce the amount they’re spending on energy. Loft and cavity wall insulation installations are one of the most cost-effective ways you can improve your EPC rating, when compared to alternative methods. It makes insulation the go to option for a range of organisations.

On top of the legal requirement, effective insulation can entice both renters and buyers who have become savvier to EPC ratings. It might mean an initial cost but it’s one that will be paid back over the long term.

Extract Insulation experience

Our team can be relied upon to complete a range of insulation services, whether you need existing, poor insulation removing and replacing or a complete inspection of an entire portfolio. We’ve worked within the insulation space for almost two decades and it’s our experience that sets us apart.

We’ve worked with numerous housing organisations to improve the EPC rating of their properties on time, within budget, and always to a high standard.

If you want to discuss how Extract Insulation can work across your existing or planned property portfolio, you can contact us today. 


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