Is it damp?

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Do I have damp?

Unfortunately, damp may be a common downside for several homes within the Britain. Not solely will it look unpleasant and ruin many years price of diligence maintenance and decorating the property, it are often dangerous for your health within the future and might even cause structural harm. So, it’s necessary to see what style of damp you have got so as to treat it.

Rising damp

Rising damp happens once water is soaked up via the brickworks of the building and bypasses wherever the damp proof course ought to be. this might be as a result of it’s broken or missing entirely as is common in older buildings. you will notice a property with rising damp as a result of it generally incorporates a tide mark on the external masonry.

Penetrating damp

Penetrating damp happens once wet soaks through the outer lead of masonry through to the inner leaf and eventually to the interior gypsum board. you will notice this as a result of wall paper peels off and plaster bubbles. you will even spot mould growing within the accomplished areas. this may merely be the results of constant wind driven rain if the property is in an exceedingly significantly exposed space, however also can occur if there area unit defects within the roof line or brick work. Click here to ascertain however you’ll be able to manage the maintenance of your property to cut back the probabilities of penetrating damp from driving rain. If the property suffers from penetrating damp and has antecedently been treated with wall insulation, then there’s a risk that the wall insulation could become wet. If the wall becomes wet then it’s terribly troublesome to dry out and can in all probability have to be compelled to be removed.


Condensation is that the last on the line for common damp problems. this happens once excess vapour is gift within the property and is sometimes resolved once adequate ventilation is established. a lot of info on condensation are often found by following this link.

In most cases, we’d recommend partaking knowledgeable to survey the property. this might be within the sort of a moist specialist company, building or hired surveyor or if you suspect the damp could also be associated with your wall insulation, contacting a cavity wall insulation removal specialist.

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