A healthy indoor ambience is one of the best keys for a safe health. It refers to a well-ventilated house devoid of dampness. But then again, as far as my studies as an insulation expert is concerned, around 10 to 50 percent of homes across the whole Europe suffer from the damp problem. Dampness arises from high humidity that results in heightened moisture- level a fantastic breeding ground for moulds. As homeowners keep on ignoring the damp & mould issue, the most alarming fact is that it can take a sad toll on your health.

How mould attacks the body

The mould particles (mould spores & other debris) stay afloat in air & are readily inhaled into lungs & sinuses of anybody in that area. Now, these particles usually lead to irritating allergies, including the sinus allergies & occasionally allergic alveolities.

Mould & bad health

An undesired contact with dampness & moulds lead three major health issues- allergy, infection & toxicity. Several studies have been able to identify a close link between dampness, mould & increase in following symptoms below:

  • Throat, nose & eye irritation.
  • Breathing issues & wheezing.
  • Allergy issues
  • Coughing & phlegm build-up.

There are some other illnesses which show a strong tie with damp and mould issues. These include asthma, dyspnoea & respiratory infections.

It must be mentioned here that mould problems could be worse for people with low immunity. These include children, seniors and people suffering terminally-ill diseases such as leukemia or AIDS.

Mould & toxicity

A damp home is unfortunately dominated by harmful toxic substances derived from the moulds

  • VOC odours released by microbes.
  • Irritants like glucans, proteases & others.

Cause of damp issue

Apart from poor ventilation one of the major causes of damp issue in England homes is improper cavity wall insulation. The problem became rampant as the Building regulations made it a norm for all the homes constructed since 1980s to get cavity wall insulated by insulation material. As a CWI extraction company, we keep on getting calls from homeowners with CWI in their homes, who complain about increasing coldness in homes- the opposite of what advertised by CWI advocates.

You need to maintain a smooth airflow inside your cavity wall to keep things dry and nice. But when you stuff it up with insulation material, you actually ruin down chances of the home staying dry. Cavity walls are meant to breathe.

Thus, if you have been experiencing dampness, colder homes and mould growth after CWI, we suggest you to hire pour expert CWI extraction or removal team for a safe home.



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