We recently carried out cavity wall insulation removal process for a customer in the South West. The property had been badly filled with fibre cavity insulation; which was now causing the customer lots of problems. Problems such as damp and mould on the inside wall.

Through a detailed survey we identified large voids in the wall where cavity wall insulation had not been installed, therefore causing cold patches on the customers internal walls. This was due to an improper install of the fibre insulation. One of the reasons that the wall was not installed properly was that the install company had blown the material at the wrong density, resulting in a very poor fill of insulation.

Using our Extraction System we removed the old cavity wall insulation with minimal disruption to the tenant and the re-filled the drill holes to the match of their property.

Insulation removal

Once we had removed the fibre insulation we could the see rubble/debris above D.P.C, this being present at the time of install, can cause a bridge and the water is then able to track across from the outside wall to the inner leaf wall causing damp and mould.

Please contact us so we can arrange a free survey on your property to determine if cavity wall insulation removal is the cause of the problems you are experiencing on your property.


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