Cavity Wall Insulation Claim Goes Wrong!

Cavity wall insulation removal and its associated problems have had a vast amount of media attention, what with The Telegraph, BBC News and even featuring in a parliament debate back in 2016.

Cavity wall insulation can save you up to 35% on your heating bills if the property is suitable i.e. making sure that your external wall covering, bricks and mortar, roofs and rain water goods are in an acceptable condition, along with your damp proof course being above ground level and the cavity being free from debris and rubble, this, along with the house not exposed to wind driven rain. Other things to consider are access see here for more info.

Since all the media attention Cavity Claim Lawyers have ridden into town on their horses with their ‘No win No fee’ offerings! They insist they can claim £10,000 + back.

Before you decide to sign up with these people please read this.

We have had a customer in Hampshire call us today as he requires his cavity wall insulation to be removed before he sells his house, I assumed he would say this is due to his property being steel framed or timber framed and therefore couldn’t be mortgaged until the insulation is removed.

I was shocked and somewhat saddened to hear that he needs to sell his house due to losing a cavity wall insulation ‘No win No fee’ case.

He is now being ordered to pay in excess of £50k to the installer’s solicitors.

My advice is, if you have a cavity wall insulation problem then you should contact the original installers or CIGA and for independent assessments, the PCA; Property Care Association. We at Extract Insulation do also offer impartial advice too, so please contact us. 

More information on cavity wall insulation and removing it.

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