What could be causing mould, damp and condensation in your home?

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Damp Causes, Insulation Advice

Mould, damp and condensation

If you’ve spotted the signs of mould, damp or condensation within your home it’s vital that you address the issue straight away before the problem can cause any more damage. But there are many reasons why damp occurs within buildings and identifying the cause can sometimes be difficult. Without knowing what is causing the issue the damp is likely to continue getting worse and could have an impact on both your health and the structure of your home.

  • Lack of ventilation – We produce moisture in our homes all the time simply by breathing! Coupled with other everyday activities, such as cooking, taking a hot shower or drying clothing, the production of moisture increases quite rapidly. If you’re home isn’t adequately ventilated it can lead to mould forming. Opening windows, using extractor fans or purchasing a dehumidifier can all help to reduce the moisture within the building.
  • High humidity – The higher the humidity within your home the more likely it is the damp will form. Drying clothes indoors and cooking without using saucepan lids are just two example of how daily routines can lead to more moisture within the home. In many cases this can be tackled by improving ventilation.
  • Poorly installed cavity wall insulation – While cavity wall insulation should help to make your home warmer and more energy efficient when it’s poorly installed it can lead to water soaking into the insulation. With moisture held within the wall it can quickly lead to damp and noticeable mould in the home.
  • Lack of building maintenance – Poorly maintained buildings can mean the risk of damp, mould and condensation rising. From leaking pipes that lead to water pooling to missing roof tiles, keeping on top of your home’s maintenance can have a big impact. In many cases, it can be some time before these issues are spotted, such as if leaks are occurring within the walls, which can mean issues are already established and then harder to fix.
  • Water at the foundation – If the ground around your home slopes towards the building it can lead to rain water building up around the foundation and damp rising. If this is an issue your house is experiencing it’s likely you’ll need to add drains or landscape the ground so that water flows away from building. Flooding can also cause a similar problem and an increase in mould forming.

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